Traditional vs. Purse Hybrid Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag - Shoulder and Stroller Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag - Shoulder and Stroller Diaper BagDiaper bag is the important item for a new mother. You can store any baby things inside this bag. In addition to the various functions, the style of this bag also needs to be considered before you buy it. Traditional and pure hybrid are on trend right now, both of which you need to know more below.

  1. Traditional Diaper Bag

This style is created for its main purpose; it should be a diaper bag. It means that this bag style should have many pockets to store baby things. Moreover, extra pockets will separate baby bottles and food with any dirty clothes and diapers.

Usually, this bag style has larger size comparing to the pure hybrid one. It will give you an extra space to put more items in it. Unfortunately, because of its size, it will be quite difficult to carry it while it also looks less stylish.

  1. Purse Hybrid Bag

This bag style is created to answer how traditional one looks less stylish. It speaks to moms’ desire to keep the pre-mommy style. Generally, this bag style is made of special fabrics, such as leathers or vegan leathers. Moreover, it is completed with chic designs that make you feel more fashionable.

To improve the quality of users’ appearance, this bag style is usually available in a smaller size comparing to the traditional one. It has fewer pockets inside so its use is more practical. Unfortunately, due to its size, this bag cannot store many items in it. Besides that, the price of this bag is more expensive than the traditional style.

Both types of these bags can be selected based on the function you expect. Each of these bags has advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider. Find your own diaper bag style that suits to your personality and needs, and of course, the budget that you set.


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