How to Set Up Your Cell Phone to Use Gmail

How to Set Up Your Cell Phone to Use GmailIf you’re a Gmail enthusiast as I am, I understand you concur Gmail is among the most fabulous, free and omnipresent web based email customers around Earth. Its own POP3 and IMAP protocols let you get your inbox via virtually every desktop email client available, along with its usual accessibility via the normal web based system. If you’re always mobile, you could also get and read your Gmail messages onto your mobile phone, through your mobiles browser by browsing to Gmail’s web website.

Regrettably all mobile phones don’t permit you to display normal Web pages. It is possible to get Gmail’s WAP compatible website by visiting

In case you’ve got a Java compatible mobile phone, then Gmail’s mobile website provides a few additional advantages. The cellular site will be absolutely functional if your mobile isn’t Java compatible, but Java compatible mobile phones function as fast if not faster then the normal web interface and encourage email attachments a ton better. You’ll have to install the Gmail Java program in your phone. Proceed to and click on the Get Started Now button, next enter your cell phone number and click on the Send Now button. You’ll be given a text message with directions about the best way best to get into the Gmail Java program. For Create New Account :

If neither the WAP allowed Gmail webpage nor the Java applet will operate on your mobile phone to empower Gmail accessibility don’t give up hope. There’s another method that might work for you. It’s likely you’ll have the ability to get your Gmail accounts in your mobile by minding your mobile phone provider’s email system to obtain message from Gmail through their POP3 or IMAP protocol. After setup of your mobile phone provider’s email system you’ll have to get into your Gmail accounts and choose Settings, Forwarding, and then Configuration Instructions. Follow the directions listed to install Gmail to forward your messages to a mobile phone provider’s email system.

Nobody should be without access to their own Gmail accounts, even if they’re mobile. These three approaches should enable practically any mobile phone capable of regaining email or browsing the world wide web to get into a Gmail account. Today you need never be without access to a Gmail account.


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