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The Unique Facts About Social Media Sites

Tim Wiu, a professor from Columbia University, has some serious insights on the great information patterns of the twentieth century in his book “Master Switch – The Rise and the Fall of Information Empires”.

“Every major new medium, from telephone to satellite television, has been on the same wave of idealistic optimism, before succumbing to the inevitable current of industrial consolidation. Any technology that is free and open, will in time be centralized and closed; As the company’s strength has taken control of the ‘master switch.’

The Unique Facts About Social Media Sites

All industries that are initially free and open will be slowly restrained and will be controlled as well.

Where is Social Walking? Though social begins to consolidate, there are some interesting trends and products that emerge. Here are the 2 most interesting ones:

Live Video Streaming

Live streaming video streaming in and getting popular in early 2015 until Twitter cuts access to APIs and launches competing Periscope apps after buying the company.

Now we see the rise of “Facebook Live”, and even Tumblr works with YouTube to support live video on service.

There are also some interesting startups that include live video streaming in its feature set. One of them is video platform marketing.

Short Lived Content

Snapchat has captured many marketers as a marketing channel. This is a high engagement metrics that begins to be noticed.

There is a fact that 35% of Facebook users upload photos every day while in the other 65% upload in Snapchat.

But the real power of engangement that brings users back every day to Snapchat is the disappearing videos, pictures and messages.

Facebook has seen the future here and they plans to launch message features that can disappear like Snapchat style. Virtual Reality, Social & Mobile IntersectVirtual reality is still very promising and has been embedded in the niche of the gaming industry. It became the main line as a social network and currently media players are starting to experiment and launching hardware and apps. But the explosion of the Pokemon Go mobile app has launched virtual reality in the mainstream of the press media.Just within 1 month of launch, this app has created attention serious. Read benefits of social media marketing.

The time users spend far more than Facebook, Snapchat & Twitter. From here we can see from the virtual reality that moves from the niche to the mainstream (mainstream). Facebook has seen this future by purchasing virtual reality company Occulus Rift more than 2 years ago. So what is the condition of social media today? Here are some social media facts to know.