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Kitchen Contains Much More With Prehensile Or Suspended High

Kitchen Contains Much More With Prehensile Or Suspended High

The kitchen space is never enough, and the more time passes, the more the provision of services and cookware develops. Models with large wall units or are assembled in compositions with many wall units make it possible to hold more, and “hide” the view, without giving up the work surface height, as is the case if one chooses the cabinet column.

In addition, it allows to organize a large pantry and practice: the horizontal wall units with convenient flap opening valve that does not hinder movements, let you always have the ingredients on hand when preparing food Alongside models with doors that hide the content from view, there are also many with open shelves and shelves that allow you to expose objects and books, creating a pleasant continuity with the room.

Axis012 Zampieri Cucine is characterized by the presence of numerous and tall bleached pine roof; foundations have matt lacquered titanium and quartz worktop Titan. The limited depth of the wall units makes the composition of light and refined. A base with lacquered door size L 60 x W 56 x H 83 cm. Price € 366.

Motus Scavolini has a peninsula with integrated snack area in Oak Vintage and bases with double doors without handle with socket formed in the thickness. Large cabinets in matt gray cast iron are framed by the wall system fluid characterized by open compartments and shelves for displaying objects and collections. The doors are equipped with a shutter opening or flap. Price on request.

Aran Cucine kitchen coverage is a revolutionary: the doors of the many cabinets are coupled to magnetic resistant and washable movies that can be modified at will! In the catalog are available as seventy types of coverage to customize your kitchen. The door handles are integrated. Price on request

Orange Snaidero Evolution is a model open to the dining characterized by combinations of delicate colors like blue and white arctic Sweden: large containers hanging from the socket backlog are framed by light aluminum painted library. The horizontal wall units with one door open with a high and allowing you to have the pantry available. Price on request
Hazelnut tree for Tabià Scandola which is characterized by the presence of a peninsula in the pine snow with drawers and compartments. The wall units are numerous large and have doors with windows that reveal the dishes contained; below is a long which allows the display of smaller objects. A basic tree snow with two doors and two drawers size L x W 90 x H 58.6 cm 72.

An Apartment That Combines Past And Present

An Apartment That Combines Past And Present

The smells, the colors, the textures that have characterized our childhood home, very influencing the idea of ??ideal home that each of us is built. Our past is the safety, of course, the good, makes us feel protected and therefore it would be a mistake not to enhance it and leave it outside the door. Of course, times change, but this does not mean that the past can not coexist with current fashions and the new architectural conceptions Interior. An example is precisely the project that we are going to offer, renovating an apartment in Treviso by the architectural firm of Exit.

irregular geometries entrance

The apartment in need of an intervention aimed to reorganize the distribution of the interior of the mold rather traditional environments, a rejuvenation but has not even included the furnishings. But let’s start with order and start from the entrance. A resounding clean lines and shades welcomes us into the new living area One item in particular catches our attention, a septum, half masonry separating the entrance from the rest of the environment. The profile we notice shall not be a regular and common … but we discover what it is …

concealing libraries practices

A division, yes, but clever, original and functional! On the one hand and on the other this square conceals element of the boxes intended for the library, which gives deep breath and freshness to the environment. The upper part, finally, is left free, and connects the two areas allowing the passage of light.

The angle Tv

Perfectly camouflaged with the wall, to the right of the lease is a just a white wardrobe, an ideal solution to create more useful containers corners at home. On the other side of the partition, however, it embodies a succession of bookcases and shelves that give life to a modern TV corner. Finally, situated on a large antique carpet, we find a beautiful chaise longue design. This is the Longe Chair by Charles & Ray Eames, distributed by Vitra.


The entire booking

But we try to change perspective, and we take a look entire stay. It is clear that, in addition to the outline of walls and vertical elements thoroughly modern, the rest of the furnishings embrace a more classical style and at times conservative. The dark wood gives a warm and enveloping touch, as the shades of the sofa and wooden furniture. There are many beautiful classic rugs that already belonged to the family, and that give the room an incredible personality.

All Damages Air Conditioning

All Damages Air Conditioning

The love, to reason, because as you know you beat the heat, no one else can. But it is also true that air conditioning, if misused, can do serious damage to health. Conditioner pushed hard, with no regard for the outside temperature or the size of the environment (maybe too small) or distance with people, can be very detrimental. How? A few examples bulk torticollis, contractures, cramps and sprains. But also very serious problems such as respiratory l’insufficienza, especially to the detriment of children, elderly and chronically ill.

This is confirmed by a survey carried out by the Italian physical therapists: “This summer,” says the president of AIFI, Antonio Bortone, “accomplice probably the heat, we have seen a surge of requests for rehabilitation in the respiratory field: about 30% more than the same period of 2011 “.

Respiratory rehabilitation

At the base there would be changes in temperature, due to the processes of vasodilation and vasoconstriction sudden “These cardiovascular abnormalities,” explains Bortone, “whether in healthy people are not even perceived, in those most at risk such as the elderly, can cause respiratory problems too serious.” So as to require the intervention of skilled hands: “The pulmonary rehabilitation,” says Bortone, “is to retrain the muscles, as well as rehabilitate the expansive and reductive capacity of the rib cage. But we also work on the intercostal muscles and the diaphragm.”

The asthma risk

Diseases and disorders caused by misuse of air conditioners do not spare anyone, even healthy people and seemingly fit. “Vasodilation,” emphasizes Expert information, “when a muscle is not in top form, can generate a metabolic collapse of muscle fibers that leads to cramps, particularly at night, to muscle tears real”.

Then there are a number of risks to our health-related malfunction of air conditioners. “Powders unfiltered air or unclean generate respiratory problems especially in the elderly and children, such as l’asma. That’s why I always recommend to revise systems and clean or replace the filters.”

Difficulty concentrating, nervousness, anxiety, stress, and in extreme cases even panic attacks.

The heat affects the efficiency of the work (in the office, but not limited to): the performance declines for two out of three people, who end up making as much as 50% less than they usually are capable of doing.

Irritability, nervousness, listlessness

It is the thesis of Paola Vinciguerra, psychotherapist and chairman of the European panic disorders (Eurodap).
“The heat creates a strong feeling of exhaustion,” says Vinciguerra. “The night you sleep little and badly and symptoms of tachycardia and general malaise often create anxiety-provoking answers.